Notebooks with customised paper

For those who are very particular about their stationery

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Two sides to every notebook

Choose from popular paper options or request a completely custom design

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This is a lovely notebook. I want this notebook now!
- Thom, an early customer, admiring the final prototype with a sense of impatience
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Tell us what your perfect notebook is

Remove the barrier from sketching, writing & drawing. Get those thoughts out.

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What will I receive?

You will receive a pack of two Wrights customised with your design. The books are A5 in size and are saddle-stitched, allowing them to lie flat. The book block (little book making term for you there) is 64 pages of 90gram Mohawk paper which is perfect for all types of pens and pencils - you won't see a spot of ink through the pages. 62 of these pages are customisable. The cover is made from a durable 300gsm card stock with a matt finish. These are quality notebooks.

What can I customise?

With Wrights, you can customise the design of the paper inside your notebook. A notebook should fit the way you think and scribe.

Engineer? How about Graph paper on the left side and lines on right? App designer? How about a blank page on the left and an iPhone template on the right? Musician? How about staves on the left page and lines on the right page?

We have popular options available (lines/ squares/ dots/ blank) but you can choose the "Custom" option and simply describe the ideal pages in your notebook. We'll be sure to email you the design before it goes to print, so you can give your seal of approval.

We have some other exciting products in the pipeline to accompany your Wrights. Soon we'll be releasing a refillable and reusable notebook jacket. As a customer during our alpha stage, you are going to be loved and cherished for supporting and being patient with us as we "start-up". Yes - we're talking discounts.

How much?

It's a mere £17.49 for a pack of two notebooks with free international postage and packing.


Wrights are about removing the barriers to sketching, writing and drawing. We want to put the perfect notebook in your hands. Tell us what yours is.

Notebooks should have an enjoyable fanciness, but not feel so precious to put you off doodling, scribbling and scratching away. Get those thoughts out.


Get started. Your order will be processed and printed to your design. We check every one of our notebooks (with a monocle and an acute eye for design) so they are fit to house your thoughts and ideas.


Brought to you by Tom Cartwright and Lee Giles - a couple of art supply and stationery nerds with serious mileage designing and building personalised books.