Pulling production in-house

We started Wrights Notes with a partnership with a large printing and book production company. They were excellent at helping us design and spec out the notebook, suggest paper types and generally create a pleasing product. But they have had problems and as such shipping dates have slipped without us realising and quality and accuracy of production has been variable. A customised notebook is an incredibly personal item and deserves personal attention to detail that we have not been able to give the product. This has been disappointing to you, dear customer and very embarrassing for us.

As such we have taken steps in the last week to pull the production of the notebooks books in-house. We are working with a small local firm to provide the printing and are setting up binding facilities. This will allow us to:

If you have placed an order, had issues with it and not heard directly from us, please get in touch and we will get your order through the new assembly line quick smart.